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“He’s Still Got It!” Schumacher Vanquishes Vettel Race of Champions


The Race of Champions is an amazing event that aims to silence arguments over who is the best driver in the world. Take world champions from almost every motorsport event in the world, place them in a vast array of cars that they have never driven before, and what you have is a collection of ultimate battles. All the big names were out in force today as the ROC comes to its conclusion.

The fight we all wanted to see made many dreams come true as 7 time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher came up against double world champion Sebastian Vettel. This was the ultimate test as in F1 you can argue that various cars give an advantage to one or the other, but here two ROC custom buggies were the chariots of choice. It was very close from start to finish but the accuracy of Schumacher in every corner out performed Vettel. He’s still got it and this makes a very strong argument for him being a more natural talented driver than his younger counterpart.

Sebastian Ogier took overall victory in the 2011 event.