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“Too Good To Be True” Hyundai ix20 Disappoints


When Hyundai first showed us images of their new ix20 we though “wow!” Where had the Korean manufacture got this inspiration from? This picture revealed a funky MPV with bold lines and swooping curves that pleased our eyes thoroughly. Best of all was that it wasn’t to be a concept but a production model  at Paris this year. Our options of the brand began to change, that was until we saw the first image of the car that wasn’t a rendering.

How could this have happened!? Did the engineers not look at the seductive design before setting to work? What we have been given as opposed to the futuristic family run-about is a bland, unappealing white good. A typical Hyundai in other words. That is a shame because we though the Koreans were really onto something but instead gave away the opportunity of redemption. Thought the sub £13,000 price is some consolation to our disappointment but come 11th November  we won’t be rushing to the dealer to get our test car. Engines come in a 1.4 petrol or diesel variant with the top specification receiving a 1.6 but only paired with an automatic gearbox.