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“White Van Man” Gets New Toy


The Ford Transit has been the backbone of Brittan for more than 45 years and has been used for just about every purpose imaginable; bank robberies, racing, transporting large objects etc. The workhorse is not only a household name but these days has over 13 million combinations of optional extra’s making it one of the most individual cars you could buy. But what if you want your Transit a bit more… ASBO? Well Ford since 2006 have been offering a limited run of SportVans and now there is a new one.

Only offered in Colorado red with white stripes, this SportVan is our sort of Transit. All previous models are sold out: Performance Blue with white stripes (500), Sea Grey with silver stripes (80), Panther Black with silver stripes (500), Frozen White with blue stripes (80) and Ink Blue with silver stripes (150). Powered by a 135BHP 2.2 litre TDCi and limited to 100 units it is both the practical workmate you seek and the B-Road raider that you crave. The beauty of this particular Transit is that it gives owners the opportunity to have two binary opposites that really shouldn’t mix. A sporty van? Whatever next, a practical Lamborghini? This Sportvan starts at £22,630 included in the price is a set of dual exhausts as well as those 18″ graphite grey rims.

On sale end of October.