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The 1 Million View Video


type-r-1-million-viewsWe all have goals that we strive for, those milestones we aim to reach. Well… Inside Lane has been producing regular video content for just over a year now and we have hit a very special target indeed. Whilst many of our videos are popular, thank you all so much for watching by the way, one has just clocked 1 Million views on YouTube.

What video? Well, after being amongst the first to drive the new Honda Civic Type R on its launch in Slovakia, we followed that up with one of the first UK based reviews back on home turf. It was a more detailed road test of the hot hatchback set in and around the New Forest. 1 Million views later and here we are.

The YouTube channel is growing strongly and for 2017 we have some big plans with more road tests, feature videos, and another EPIC road trip. Your viewership and support means so much to all of us at Inside Lane, and this moment we share with you.

You can check out the 1 Million view video review for yourself below.