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10,000th Lamborghini Gallardo


The Lamborghini Gallardo is by far and away the company’s most successful model in its history. The baby bull may be a full two cylinders short of its bigger brother but the performance that its mid-mounted V10 produces is intoxicating. So it’s unsurprising that today the 10,000th Gallardo rolled off the production line today.

Thanks to the Gallardo, Lamborghini are now represented in 45 different countries and makes the brands key objective of making Ferrari’s life as hard as possible much easier. Remember that Lambo only exist today because MR Lamborghini wanted to prove a point to Enzo Ferrari. Back to the Gallardo and today it’s as sharp to look at as it is to drive. It has been announced that the very special car number 10,000 is destined for China.