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1021BHP LaFerrari FXX K Revealed


LaFerrari FXX KLaFerrari is an undeniably incredible car regardless of which hyper manufacturer you have an affinity for. Like the name or not, THE Ferrari carries such a nameplate informing the world that this is the very best that this Italian stable has to offer for the road. Embracing new performance technologies, including electrical energy, it truly is a road legal race car. Ferrari’s XX driver program enables wealthy individuals to drive unique experimental cars whilst the team collects data to improve future prancing horses. These cars have consisted of the Enzo based FXX and 599 XX. Today we have a new entry in the form of LaFerrari FXX K.

Based upon LaFerrari, LaFerrari FXX K is a sharpened track-only incarnation of the Italian flagship. Instantly recognisable changes include an aggressive aerodynamic package consisting of a huge splitter, bonnet scoop, turning veins, a dual spoiler as well as a huge diffuser. Powering this beast is the same 6.3 litre V12 engine with a KERS unit mated to it, but combined they now produce an incredible 1021BHP and 664lb ft of torque. The cockpit is stripped out to save weight and its main headlights have also been removed. Performance figures have not been published as of yet but you can bet that it will crack 0-62MPH in less than 3 seconds. This LaFerrari FXX K produces 540KG of downforce at 120MPH, double that of its road legal counterpart.

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