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Is The 103EX Next 100 Still A True Rolls-Royce?


Rolls Royce 103EX frontThe term Rolls Royce is synonymous with many things: unrivalled luxury, exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail all instantly come to mind when I think of this quintessentially British brand. The company is steeped in typically British values and standards when it comes to opulence and sophistication. I remember being hesitant as more and more technology became the norm in modern cars whether the company would be able to execute the movement away from purely leather and wood as luxury and incorporate modern tech whilst ultimately remaining a Rolls Royce and of course, it was executed with perfection. The question is, though, can a Rolls Royce from the future retain it’s British roots whilst being so tech heavy? Or would it feel like a manor house with underfloor heating or the Queen playing Pokémon Go on her iPhone.

This is where the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, codename: 103EX, Rolls Royce 103EX sidecomes in. The marque’s first ever ‘Vision Vehicle’, that aims to define the future of luxury mobility. To achieve this, the design team, led by Director of Design Giles Taylor, focused on four main points in which to focus and drive their design ethos. These were, ‘the personal vision’, ‘the effortless journey’, ‘the grand sanctuary’ and ‘the grand arrival’.

The simple answer to whether the Rolls Royce 103EX is still true to it’s roots is yes. Having seen the car in the metal at an event held at the home of Rolls Royce at Goodwood, even approaching the car feels like an occasion. The fully autonomous coach built car of the future is of biblical scale whilst remaining sophisticated and subtle in its size. The curves, contours and detailing is something to be truly admired whilst the car itself is weirdly calming to be around. It is a truly revolutionary and authentic insight into the future of luxury and is a true art form.

Rolls Royce have undertaken a great challenge in designing something they truly believe could be the future of a luxury brand. People could be forgiven for saying a traditional company such as Rolls Royce may have no place in the future of motoring but they have proven that they will more than compete in the realms of technological luxury whilst undeniably remaining a true Rolls Royce.

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