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1200BHP Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Confirmed!


Words cannot tell you the childlike sensation that is storming through my veins at this very moment! The Bugatti Veyron with its 1001BHP has always been under scrutiny as to whether it has reached its full potential, today that has been answered with a resounding no. Introducing the 1200BHP Bugatti Veyron SuperSport!

Whispers of this car have been growing all week but today a prospective buyer has confirmed the cars existence. The limited run of 30 will be armed with an extra 199BHP more than the standard car and lose about 300KG in weight. The buyer has also said that there are a few tweaks to the exterior but with Bugatti keeping tight lipped they haven’t revealed any images. Pebble Beach seems to be the target for the new Bug after missing out on the proposed debut at Goodwood. This car that carries the prestigious SuperSport nametag, given to Bugatti’s top models, is going to cost €1,650,000. What a way to end production of this magnificent machine.