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13-Year-Old Boy Dies in Ferrari F50 Crash


Ferrari F50The Ferrari F50 was the LaFerrari of its day. Powered by a Formula One derived 4.7 litre V12 engine, this supercar offered extreme performance for its day. 0-60 MPH took just 3.8 seconds thanks to 514 HP. Top speed is quoted as being 201 MPH. Today an F50 in pristine condition can be worth over £1,000,000 at auction. We hate hearing stories about exotic cars that end up in bad crashes, but this one is incredibly tragic as it took the life of a 13-year-old boy.

This horrific turn of events to place near Hook in the UK. According to various news sources, the young boy spotted the F50 at a storage facility with his Mum, the car was waiting to go to auction. He requested if he could sit in the supercar and the custodian replied that he could do one better…

At around 8:45 the owner of the Ferrari F50 lost control of the supercar on an industrial estate, crashing through a fence. The boys mother ran to the scene after hearing the crash and attempted to revive her son, sadly to no avail. The boy, just 13, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. As for the driver, he is badly injured but said to now be in a stable condition.

Whilst the Ferrari F50 has always been remarked as being a bit of a handful, it likely didn’t just crash itself. Please remember that the road is not a race track, and if you are lucky enough to own a performance car, for the love of god use it responsibly!

Our thoughts are with the family of the boy. R.I.P