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Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Revealed in Australia


Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Front

Developed by Toyota Australia’s product design team, the Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake concept has been revealed in Sydney, Australia this week – which would hope to emulate the success found in the original GT86.

Whilst there is no definite word in terms of performance for the concept, it will likely adopt the 2.0-litre flat four engine found in the current GT86 which produces 197bhp. Toyota have stated that the Shooting Brake has already been put through its paces on their test tracks whilst Tetsuya Tada, Toyota 86’s chief engineer states the, “nicely weighted and direct steering of the 86 ensures the car retains the involving drive experience of the coupé with a slightly more neutral feel in tight corners.”

Whilst a Shooting Brake variant of the GT86 may seem like an usual route to go down initially – the concept offers better levels of rear headroom and luggage space than the originaToyota GT86 Shooting Brake Sidel which will certainly interest potential buyers if it were to ever come into production.

Toyota Australia’s design chief, Nicolas Hogios, said that the team behind the concept engaged in enthusiastic debates about how much alteration over the original model there should be. “Like kids in a lolly shop, we thought about restyling more of the car; however, like a good parent saying ‘no’ to too many sweets, we made the conscious decision to keep as much of the original GT86 as possible, only changing what was absolutely necessary.” This led to remodelling only the rear quarter and the roof.

Tada has already stated, however, that production for the model is improbable but not out of the question, “While we never say never, and I would love this concept to become a production reality, it is very much a concept that demonstrates the passion within Toyota for cars that are fun to drive.”

Tada said Toyota wanted to gauge reaction to the concept, although it has been produced as an internal design study and there are no plans for production.

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Rear