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Skoda Kodiaq SUV Hits the Testing Trail


SKODA_KODIAQ 2Around about a month ago we brought you the first few snippets of info concerning Skoda’s new SUV project. With no more than a design drawing to go on, details were, well, sketchy. But no longer.  Here are the first official images of the Czech marque’s first ever full size production SUV, the Kodiaq, kitted out in its camouflage testing garb.

SKODA_KODIAQ 3One thing we’ve known from the moment the Kodiaq project received the production green light is that Skoda’s new SUV will be big. Volkswagen Touareg big. Like its VW step-sister, you won’t find the all-new Kodiaq scrimping on interior space. The cavernous cabin includes either five or a full complement of seven seats, all of which are fully adjustable as standard.  Ample head and leg room is a given inside a vehicle of this size; what’s more, Skoda claims the Kodiaq boasts the largest boot capacity of any large SUV currently on the market.

Tech and toys seem especially high on the Skoda’s agenda as it fires its first major shots in the SUV arena. The plethora of VW-derived infotainment equipment proves as much, with the new Kodiaq   featuring a range of touchscreens as standard and even a WiFi hotspot at higher trim levels. The SmartLink platform, another hand-me-down from Skoda’s German parent firm, brings along Apple and Android smartphone connectivity for the top spec Kodiaq models and even once your mobile’s out of juice, inductive charging connects the device to the roof aerial and replenishes it wirelessly. Area view cameras, a first for Skoda, provide all around vision for manoeuvring in tight spots, whilst the Kodiaq’s parking assist brakes automatically as soon as it detects an obstacle.

SKODA_KODIAQ 4A roster of five engines, two diesel and three petrol, are available from launch aboard the all-new Kodiaq along with a wide assortment of transmission options. The 2.0litre turbo petrol provides the most power with 178bhp on tap. Along with its stable mates, this range topper can be equipped with a six-speed manual or dual clutch gearbox which in turn filters power down to either the front axle or all four wheels.  With the all-wheel drive system engaged, off-road mode makes for a smooth ride across tougher terrain. Dynamic chassis control and a variety of selectable drive modes will alter a plethora of other settings, including steering, throttle sensitivity and suspension.

Judging by its latest outing in full camouflage gear, the Kodiaq is clearly still in the midst of preliminary road and off-road testing. The all-new Kodiaq SUV lands on these shores early next year. We’ll have more comprehensive info on pricing and spec to bring you in due course.SKODA_KODIAQ 1