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2010 Belgium F1 Results


Spa, one of the most famous and infamous circuits on the Formula One calendar. Legendary corners, unforgiving layout and unpredictable weather are all key components to making this race what it is. This year was one of those great races on this track, did you watch it? If you haven’t WHERE WERE YOU! It was a magical race and if you want the full experience you are going to have to watch it as I’m only giving you a brief account.

From the off it was excitement as Lewis Hamilton jumped a poor starting Webber to take first, whilst team mate Jenson Button leapt from 5th to 3rd and then taking 2nd by the end of the first lap. A damp second to last corner caused 80% of the grid to run off the track and 300 race veteran Barrichello slamming into the rear of Alonso. But as the rain came down the real controversy came as Vettel lost control of his car and took out 2nd place Jenson Button. Even I lost composure whilst commentating on the race at this moment where Vettel only was requiring a new wing and Button collecting a DNF. However the German got his comeuppance when a Force India caused a puncture.

There was so much more that happened so go and watch if you haven’t!

Here are the results: