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2011, A Year In Review


So here we are, 2012… After your evening of drunken endeavors and traditional howling of merry songs you have woken to find yourself in a new year. What does this mean for Inside Lane? Well, let’s start by looking back on 2011 before we begin pondering the future.

Our promise for 2011 was to not act like children and bring you more reviews of cars people actually go out and buy on a regular basis. So, to achieve this in true Inside Lane fashion we got the keys to a Ferrari 599 GTO. The Italian stallion turned out to be quite the machine but after much arduous play testing we took your advice and found something a little more sensible. Out of the collection of family workhorses we tested the Hyundai i40 deserves particular admiration as it became the biggest surprise of the year. We ended 2011 by reviving the phrase “old habits die hard” and  enjoyed some playtime with the all-new Porsche 911. The car was so impressive that we crowned it Inside Lane’s car of the year.

Next year we have a whole host of features coming your way, however, they wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you them all now. What you can look forward to are reviews of 2012’s hottest new cars including Ford’s Focus ST as well as the topless new 911. I would just like to end by thanking you all for your support this year. Inside Lane’s growing success has only been accomplished because you guys and girls keep coming back.

Have a great new year…