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2011 Freelander Attempts Coalition with Eco-Warriors


The Original Freelander was a bit of an embarrassment to Land Rover. It wasn’t particularly striking, innovative or much good come to think of it. It broke down every time the sky was blue and could rival Amy Winehouse as far as drinking habits were concerned. When Land Rover redesigned the car a few years ago it became the car it should have been in that it could not only do the school run, but the rough stuff also. However with this 2011 model Land Rover appear to have started to listen to the green party, not something I would have done…

The new model brings two new diesel engines both are 2.2 litres, one producing 150BHP and the other 190BHP. Now it’s all well and good that Land Rover are introducing these engines, in fact I don’t even mean that sarcastically as I am sure they will both make the car a fantastic drive. The problem comes when they release something called the eD4 later in the year. This model is essentially the same as the other Freelander’s other than it has from wheel drive. Now I’m sorry but Land Rover have rally sold out there, it may get 47MPG but it undermines everything the badge stands for! Buying a two wheel drive off-roader is like buying a bottle of milk with no milk in it, it’s just a vague shadow of what it should contain.

So expect to see B-roads with Mum’s scattered along them in Freelander’s failing to get up a hill covered in damp leaves later this year.