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2011 Mercedes C-Class Revealed


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the German manufacturers biggest sellers as the cars wide variety and range in specifications has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an entry level luxury saloon, estate or even high performance AMG model the three pointed star has something for you in the shape of a C-Class. Next year see’s yet another refresh for the car and though on the surface changes look minor, below it is an even further honed specimen of a car we love.

Exterior changes are minimal with the addition of mandatory day-time running lights and refreshed grill. A few of the angles have become a little steeper but on the whole it still sports that familiar C-Class look of elegance and stature. Inside however is a different story. This new interior is very much to our liking as the cabin as a conglomerate is very sleek and seductive, items in isolation are sporty and have a very premium look. The new engines in general are 31% more efficient so I’m told and the options list is still capable of adding a third to the cars overall price.

It won’t be long before we test one but we have no doubt it will be just as thorough as it’s predecessor.