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2011 Peugeot 90X Le Mans Contender Revealed


The Le Mans 24 hour is undoubtedly the most challenging race in motorsport pushing the physical limits of both man and machine. The punishment that the cars must withstand over this time period is immense and it was clearly demonstrated this year when Peugeot were set to take victory for the second year in a row when all of there car started dropping like flys. Next year the French team don’t want a repeat of what happened and so their 2011 car will have to improve on that all important reliability. The first images of that hopeful car have now surfaced.

Regulation changes to the sport for next year state that cars of this specification must have  a rear fin to aid in aerodynamic stability. Dubbed the 90X, this car has been testing at the Italian F1 circuit in preparation for 2011. Other changes to note are the increasedsize/number of cooling vents and intakes to prevent overheating, an issue that acted as a catalyst to the 2010 cars demise. There is also a new rear spoiler and a slightly modified nose but other than that it is the simple case of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”