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2011 Range Rover Brings 40 Years Of Evolution… And More Chrome.


A few weeks ago it was the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover. The vehicle offered supreme comfort whilst being capable of exploration no matter what Mother Nature could throw at it. Both the Pope and the Queen have owned several and without this cars contribution to the world, SUV’s would be a very different product today. The launch of the 2011 model is the culmination of 40 years’ worth of relentless British engineering that results in one of the best 4X4’s money can buy.

This new Range Rover will offer an 8 speed gearbox to increase its validity as a long distance cruiser; this should also help reduce those pesky emotions the green folk drone on about. But don’t think that the company have gone soft and just focused of the cars performance on the road as a new Jaguar 4.4 litre TDV8 had been developed. This high torque producing block is more than enough to scale any incline you point it towards. In addition the brilliant Terrain Response® system has been tweaked to improve upon how the car puts its power onto any surface, not that it needed changing in the first place. However these enhancements may be all well and good but we know that it’s not the diesel you want to buy. The astounding 5.0 litre supercharged V8 is still available with this model, and we highly recommend that this is the Range Rover you select.

Our only jibe about this new car is that over the past few years Range Rovers have begun to grow ugly chrome grills and inserts, unfortunately this model sees yet more and in our opinion that spoils this otherwise unrivalled off-roader.