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2012 BMW 1 Series Unveiled


Expanding into new segments of a market you are firmly planted in makes evolutionary business sense. Gaining a larger target audience with new products, if successful, should result in increased profits. However this is always a risky move as if the product is rejected by those it is aimed at its game over. BMW took this risk a few years ago with the 1 Series but lucky for them the baby German hatch sold in droves. Now the car is back for its second helping…

The BMW 1 Series was never really an attractive looking car but this 2012 model has even exceeded the work of Frankenstein. The gormless face gives the car the appearance of a slightly confused drunk the the sculpted lines on the bonnet are more out of place than Cheryl Cole on the American X-Factor. Despite its looks the new 1 Series is to again take on the A3 and Mercedes new A-Class later this year. The interior has been majorly reworked and actually looks to be a strong competitor for the Audi’s luxurious quarters. This BMW, for now anyway, will only be sold with four cylinder engines two petrols and and three diesels. The top petrol is a 1.6 litre with 170BHP and the top oil burner is of the same capacity but with 184BHP.

Prices start from £19,375.