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2012 BMW X6 Unveiled


Most manufacturers today build some form of 4X4. As a result competition comes from every direction and so it is more important than ever to make your product have a unique selling point. The BMW X6 tries to be both a sporty coupe and 4X4, a niche that in our option it doesn’t pull off. Regardless of this the Germans have facelifted the motoring equivalent of the elephant man for 2012.

Unfortunately it hasn’t become any more palpable to look at and so may still cause children to projectile vomit on sight. A new front bumper with more sculpted grills and lights, LED’s all around, and some 19 inch alloys complete the cars small scale aesthetic changes. New engines include; the tri-turbo diesel X6M, a V8, as well as one petrol and two diesel 6 cylinders.

The new car goes on sale in June for £46,725.