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2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a Class Act


What market segment is the most competitive? That is a difficult question to answer but in my view, especially in the current economic climate, I would say manufacturers are all fighting to build a good selling hatchback. Mercedes have shown their brand new A-Class  and despite the new A3 being fresh out of the blocks, Audi should watch their backs.

A dramatic improvement from the rather sub-standard predecessor that we all know, this 2012 car looks fresh and dynamic. With bold styling up front that is sculpted and tamed by sweeping lines by the rear, it is a good looking machine. Inside the interior looks to be of a quality that its main rivals, the A3 and 1 Series, have yet to attain. Power comes from a wide range of engines with petrols ranging from a 1.6 litre 113BHP base to a 208BHP motor. Diesel begins with a 1.8 litre with 107BHP and ends with a top 2.2 litre 168BHP unit.

Also next year expects to see the arrival of a 2.0 litre turbocharged AMG model. It is civil war in the German automotive arena… AND WE LOVE IT!