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2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Leaked


Mercedes-Benz has a vast model line-up that covers almost every market possible, heck they even build snow tanks in the form of the Unimog! However one of the brands biggest sellers has always been the C-Class. Luxurious, practical, hint of sportiness and more importantly doesn’t take after the S-Class in rivaling the Hoover Dam for size. Of all its variations the coupe model never really came up to scratch. It was far too numb around the bends and far too expensive for what you got. The next-gen C coupe is to be unveiled in March but some sneaky so and so has managed to bring these images to light.

The next C-CLass coupe sports a brand new muscular stance that really does make the car look like a little bruiser. The rear ends redesign is much approved around the office and the slight bonnet crease? Well God is in the detail… Inside Mercedes has worked their usual magic with body hugging seats and updated facias taken from the saloon. There is no word on how this beautiful sculpture will be powered but it is likely to borrow at least some motors from other C-Class.

Come Geneva all shall be revealed but until then that is all we have. We really do hope this car is a vast improvement on its predecessor or else that is one hell of a design to waste on a disappointment.