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2012 Mustang Boss Sells For £281,000


When you think Mustang you think V8’s, quarter miles, racing from the lights and a soundtrack you will never grow bored of. The recently announced 2012 Mustang Boss brings back all that was pure about the Mustang at the infancy of muscle cars but with a 21st century twist. It’s lights, faster and better balanced than any Mustang that has gone before it; the Laguna Seca special edition of the car offers even more focused performance. Ford has just sold a unique variant of the Boss Laguna Seca for a mind blowing £281,250!

Now for that vast sum there are some serious performance machines out there that are very deserving of your purchase, so what makes this Boss so special? This car was auctioned at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson over in the US for charity. This Laguna Seca edition  is painted in the Boss’ iconic Grabber Blue and it will be the only car of its type to sport this paint. Would be have bought it? Well it does look brilliant in that blue but for the money I would probably go elsewhere. However on the basis that it was for charity and that the bloke who has just bought this car has done a hugely good deed we shall commend his purchase.