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2012 Porsche 911 Launch Event


It’s a hard life you know, being a motoring journalist… Being invited along to car launches,  sipping other peoples champagne, eating posh food whilst checking out some of the worlds most fantastic machinery. Yeah, you could say that it has it’s perks! We were invited along to the launch of the 2012 Porsche 911 by the Bournemouth dealership allowing us to get up close and personal with the Germans latest weapon before it goes on sale.

Arriving in a Ford Fiesta to a car park full of 911’s was an interesting experience and one that raised a few eyebrows. Once inside the specially prepared showroom, with its mood lighting and a bar, we were checked in. Amongst all the posh-nosh and offerings of complimentary champagne that was floating about were 3 of the reasons we came. In a wondrous white, gracious grey and a very beautiful blue were Porsche 911 Carrera S’. 

I really liked the looks of the car when we received the press images months ago, but trust me when I say that these machines look even better in reality. The new highly sculpted rear of the car really gives it an functionally aggressive stance whilst still being distinctly a 911. The car is lower than its predecessor and this shows as the whole machine benefits from looking more streamline. Upfront not a lot has changed in the perspective of the untrained eye, but look closer and the design alterations are clear. The bonnet sits lower, the lights have been elongated and the grill is much more defined.

Inside the 911 is a masterclass in ergonomics, function and design. All of these cars were fitted with Porsche’s PDK and the aluminium shifters for these cars were tooled to perfection. Every button, every stick, every change in angle has had the most amazing detail put into it. I mean some buttons are still all over the cabin but that is really the only fault I could find. Rear legroom has never been a selling point of the 911 and for the 2012 this very much is the same case, but then again this is something we have come to expect from the car since its birth.

As an overall package the 3.8 litre flat-six looks to retain its crown of “the worlds best selling sports car” and gain even more of its notoriously loyal fans. But the only true way to experience a 911 is to drive it and that is something we shall be doing in the coming weeks.