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2012 VW Golf Cabriolet Drops Its Top video



Since VW stopped making a rag top version of its ever popular Golf hatchback there has been an outcry for its return. The reasonably priced cabrio is back for 2011 and goes on sale later this year. Set to be cheaper than the Eos, the new Gold rag-top is to take on the likes of BMW’s 1 Series convertible.


  1. I’ve recently taken delivery of my new 1.6 SE VW Golf Cabriolet and it’s even better than I had even anticipated. I had a gold cabriolet many many years ago, one of the originals and loved it to bits until it had to go due to getting wed and having children. The children are of an age now where I can grab at the last youth I have and when VW announced the rebirth of the Golf cabriolet, I just had to have one. Well done VW, Excellent JOB!