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2013 Aston Martin DB9 Unveiled


The Aston Martin DB9 has been around for eight years now and though it is no less of a car than when it was new, we can’t wait to see what will replace it. Aston rolled out their all-new Vanquish earlier this year and so at the very least an updated DB9 was due. Making its debut at the Paris motor show this is the 2013 DB9.

Looks familiar doesn’t it? In essence this car is something of a greatest hits album. Not much is all-new but it takes all of the best bits from the DB9 lineage to produce what appears to be a machine of great value. It’s front fascia has been transplanted directly from the now absent Virage and the rear is almost identical to the discontinued DBS. The engine is the same 5.9 litre V12 we know and love but the power output is now 510BHP accompanied by 457lb-ft of torque. Pricing starts from £131,995 (including the now standard carbon brakes) making it £18,000 cheaper than the Virage that only sold just over 1,000 units despite offering all of this performance. 0-62 in the 2013 DB9 can be completed in 4.6 seconds and it will go onto a top speed of 183MPH.