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2013, The Best Year For Cars EVER?


McLaren P1 rear wing upAs 2013 is in its infancy, the cogs responsible for what is to come are beginning to turn. The good news is that if you are a petrol head there will be nothing unlucky about the number 13 what so ever as I foresee one of the greatest years in motoring. Let me tell you why…

Over the past two decades we have seen some fantastic, and now legendary, machines. But they have been separated by years with one shining star being compared to another that is already dated. This year, like planets alining in the night sky, the cogs mesh as we are in for a flood of remarkable cars. McLaren will reveal all about their F1 replacement, the P1. This car aims to be “the fastest on track” out of any supercar says the British firm. Packed with Formula One technology we don’t doubt them one bit. Porsche are welcomed back to the top-end party with the 918 Spyder, an important car not just because it is quick, but it also proves that such performance cars have a future in a world where we are running out of oil. Ferrari later this year will reveal their Enzo successor that promises to be the ultimate in what the prancing horse has to offer. Just as they do on track, Ferrari and McLaren will take their rivalry to the road in the most spectacular fashion.

It’s not just performance cars that are getting us excited this year. Fiat are set to show a funky 500 based crossover that will no doubt become just as popular as its little hatchback sibling. Ford will likely showcase their next-generation Mustang that is bound for Europe. Mercedes-Benz will launch the feverishly handsome production ready CLA. Alfa Romeo will at last have a sports car deserving of the badge in the 4C.

That is just the beginning, a few bits and bobs from what we know is coming, what we don’t know could be even more exciting! Roll on 2013!!!

Ferrari F150 teaser frontPorsche 918 Spyder Concept martini profile