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2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Ready For The Rough Stuff


Rejoice fans of dirt and mud, you loyal fans of the rough and the ready! If you are after the ultimate in off-roading capabilities you have two choices… Firstly a Land Rover, the trusty British workhorse that will merrily climb any mountain you place in front of it. Or there is the Brit’s alter-ego, its Japanese mirror image, the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is back as a 2013 model and ready to give Mother Nature a good beating.

Keeping the same rectangular proportions as its forefathers, the Land Cruiser is no oil painting but then neither is a Challenger tank. New LED daytime running lights keep health and safety happy whilst the ongoing run of its 5.7 litre V8 will please those requiring 381BHP with 401lb-ft of grunty torque. Revised driving aids and new dynamic suspension means that you will have to try very hard to get this juggernaut stuck.