Welcome to the 2014 LA auto show, the last major outing for car manufacturers the before Christmas hibernation. It has been a fantastic year for motor shows in general with huge launches and star cars being born. Heading back to the United States of America and to Los Angeles where those of fame and fortune reside is a fitting setting. If you thought that as this is the final show of the year news outlets would be scraping the bottom of the barrel, you would be wrong. The 2014 LA auto show has some surprises in store.

From the “old school” to the new school, Ford have brought the latest Mustang bang up-to-date creating a true pony car for today. But the question on everyones lips is what of a Shelby variant. That question has been answered with the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350.

What does the future have in store? Nobody really knows but Toyota and Honda are betting that it will be powered by hydrogen. Far from a sci-fi imagination, these two industry giants are to bring their hydrogen cars to market within the next few years. Very much cars of tomorrow at the 2014 LA auto show.

There are many more spectacles including a bonkers VW Golf R Estate, Mazda’s new CX-3 crossover and many more. Check back here for the latest news from the 2014 LA auto show.

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