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2014 Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Leaked


2014 Lamborghini Gallardo leakedThe Lamborghini Gallardo is a fantastic machine that has gone on to become not only Lamborghini’s most successful model, but also one of the most successful supercars of all time. With production ending a few weeks ago and unit 14,022 on its way to a new home, attention turns to the baby bulls replacement. Automotive website Autofilou has managed to get hold of what appears to be a leaked image of this next-generation Gallardo.

Though Lamborghini obviously will not confirm if this is the new 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo at this time, the car matches previous spy images and proportions to the atom. Personally I’m convinced that this picture has come from behind corporate doors. To share its platform with the all-new Audi R8, this Lamborghini is longer and wider than the Gallardo it replaces. Powered by a 5.2 litre V10, the aggressively styled machine is likely to make its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2014.