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2014 Lotus E22 F1 Car Shows its Tusks


Lotus E22 noseI think 2014 will be one of the most exciting years the sport of Formula One has ever seen. The beautiful part of this battle of science, desire and pure talent is how from one set of regulations, that bind all of the teams, there areLotus E22 profile so many answers to the same question. You see, every team has to abide by these brand new rules but for those particularly innovative individuals it is a challenge to find loopholes and solutions that will give them an advantage over the competition. We have seen “anteater” noses from several teams and an interesting solution from Ferrari, but now the 2014 Lotus E22 F1 car shows its tusks.

The nose of this 2014 Lotus car is fantastically out of the box and exemplifies just how interesting the engineering side of F1 is. The “tusks,” or twin nose, allows air to flow through the middle and under the car, something other teams have tried to achieve by making the air go around a narrower nose tip. There is a rule that states that a car can not have two noses and this is why the E22 has one tusk 5cm longer than the other. Officially the longest prong is classed as the nose whilst the slightly shorter one is simply part of the bodywork. A very clever solution to a problem all teams are facing. If this turns out to be competitive, you can expect to see more cars on the grid to sprout tusks.

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