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2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival


2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival GT40After the huge success of the inaugural Bournemouth Wheels Festival last year, it was a given that the automotive event hosted by the seaside town would return bigger and better. With new attractions for 2015 and even more exhibiting cars, this unique blend of automotive lust and costal environment is something everyone should attend. Best of all it is absolutely free! We couldn’t refuse the opportunity to head to the 2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival.

Today the sun did not have his hat on as the day began with grey sky. The sea was churning and the wind possessed a chilled edge, but like true Brits everyone grabbed a coat and carried on. The weather was a bit of a shame, although it did brighten up later, as last year it was glorious sunshine. Nevertheless, proceedings got underway with mechanics preparing the more highly strung racing cars whilst monster trucks stalked the beachfront.

Various static displays from the military and supercar owners were on hand for photo opportunities and the chance to take a good look around poster cars such as last years Mercedes F1 car. It was2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival McLaren P1 great to see Abarth, Fiat, Citroen and Jeep strongly supporting the event with cars on display as well as the opportunity to get behind the wheel yourself. Jeep actually allowed attendees to try their hand at a bit of off-roading on the sand. I took the opportunity to get a closer look at the Fiat 500X of which we hope to be testing soon. The attendance of these manufacturers proves that last years show made waves and the event is now officially recognised. Could the Bournemouth Wheels Festival become as big as the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the next few years? Maybe…

Something else which is great about this event is just how close you are to the cars in action. On the clifftop where these magnificent machines are displayed at speed, you can even smell them at work. Stars such as Ferrari F40, Mercedes-AMG GT and even a McLaren F1 joined the supercar segment. It 2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival F1was great to see the owners of these cars not only enjoy displaying them to the public, but relish darting in and out of the chicanes. There was a host of other icons on show but the show stoppers once again were the F1 cars. To see a Formula One racer, a machine solely designed for the race track, on public roads is a sight to behold. The noise and sensation of them passing is enough to make anyone feel like they are 6 years old.

The heavens may have opened releasing a barrage of hail and rain, but the show went on and the weather did eventually improve. As the weekend continues the forecast is set to get much better. Was the 2015 Bournemouth Wheels Festival worth fighting the elements? Absolutely.

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