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2015 Honda CR-V builds on Strong Foundation


2015 Honda CR-VHonda has revealed the new look 2015 CR-V at the Paris Motor. This updated model has also been given a more powerful 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel engine which produces just shy of 160bhp. The new CR-V has also had it’s gearbox updated to a nine-speed automatic which betters it’s fuel economy, which is important as this is a car a lot of families will be looking to buy.

This 2015 CR-V has received a new makeover, which makes it look more contemporary. The new headlamps frame and define the altered front grille and makes the car more striking to look at. There has also been an 11% improvement in emissions, which makes it a class leader in this sector. There will also be a 2-wheel drive diesel version with a power output of 118bhp producing even lower levels of emissions than it’s 4 wheel drive counterpart.

CR-V was the worlds best selling SUV in the first quarter of 2014. The improved fuel efficiency, looks, and the more advanced automatic gear box will all further tempt people to return to where the crossover began. It is a good-looking, practical and now more fuel-efficient car, which is seemingly ideal for families.