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2015 Honda NSX is Finally Here


2015 Honda NSXIt seems like we have been looking at the follow-up to the legendary NSX for a couple of years now. That is because we have in a way. After numerous concept cars and teaser images, we arrive at the2015 Honda NSX cockpit 2015 Detroit Auto Show full of anticipation for the real thing. This “next-generation supercar” promises much and indeed has some very big shoes to fill, but after an enthralling build-up the 2015 Honda NSX finally took centerstage.

There was a lot of talk about how this car is driver focused and sticks close to the ethos of the original, which means it should be a true enthusiasts heaven. Dramatic speeches and cinematic aside, when the new NSX saw the lights it was nothing short of impressive. A purposeful design sporting plenty of character houses a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and electric motors. The 2015 Honda NSX has five modes ranging from the unimaginatively named “quiet” all-electric setting, to “track” which makes full use of the electric motors driving the front wheels as well as the V6. Gear changes are handled by Honda’s own 9 speed dual clutch gearbox. Power is rated at over 550BHP making this a real contender in the supercar arena.

For the first time we were shown the cars cockpit featuring some highly ergonomic  instrumentation and body hugging seats. Thin pillars enable good visibility and aluminium surfaces promote high quality.

All signs are good for a Honda renaissance, but the proof will indeed be in the pudding.