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Is this the 2015 McLaren P13?


McLaren P13 test muleMcLaren have said that each year they will introduce a significant new model to their range of performance cars. Their growing portfolio reflects the success of the 12C and the profit making P1 hyper car. This year saw the introduction of the 650S, more hardcore and driver focused variation of the 12C that will take on Ferrari’s 458 Speciale. Whilst out testing a car in Windsor UK the other day, we spotted something of interest. Is this the 2015 McLaren P13?

Next year McLaren will reveal their sub-12C Porsche 911 rival codenamed P13. We spotted a disguised McLaren 12C running about Windsor, just down the road from the British brands UK headquarters in Woking. At first glance this appears to be a McLaren 650S spider out on a shakedown run, but the heavy front camouflage suggests that it could well be a test mule. It isn’t unusual for McLaren to run customer cars with paint protection on them before they are delivered; but the mismatching front right alloy wheel, erratic nature of the test driver when he saw us filming, as well as the fact that McLaren have no other projects to hide leads us to believe that this may be a test mule for the 2015 McLaren P13. A 12C Spider body running research on engine or gearbox components? Maybe…