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2016 Ford GT to Take on Ferrari


2016 Ford GT blueIs there anything more noble than taking on the establishment, the doubters, those who say it simply can not be done, and proving them all wrong? That is exactly what Ford did in 1966 when they beat Ferrari at Le Mans with a distinctive 1, 2, 3. It is funny how history repeats itself as the blue oval aims to slay the prancing horse both on the road and the race track. The 2016 Ford GT enters the arena.

Designed to take Ford back to Le Mans before its tyres ever touched the tarmac, the 2016 GT road car is a true thoroughbred. Sculpted by science, this car was design in a top secret underground department. The wind tunnels influence is clear for all to see with channels, ducts and those unique buttresses manipulating the airflow. Its chiselled looks are handsome too. From its nose that harks back to the original car, to its cannon-like dual exhaust exits, it is the sort of silhouette that makes enthusiasts as excited as a child.

Power is sourced from a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharge V6 EcoBoost engine that packs 592BHP. Those ponies are then sent to the rear wheels via a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. Plenty of carbon fibre and an aluminium subframe keeps the car light, but more importantly, rigid. Carbon brakes further highlight just what a serious machine the 2016 Ford GT is.

The minor differences between road and race car serves as proof that this project went from the grid to the street and not the other way around. Both incarnations will no doubt impress. The 2016 Ford GT has plenty of heritage, but more than that, it has the opportunity to write its own page in history.