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2017 Ford Fiesta: Everything You Need To Know


The Ford Fiesta has been with us for 40 years and it has become a staple of not only Ford’s line-up, but the cars out on the road. Here in the UK it is without doubt the best selling car and it has been for many successive years. So this all-new 2017 Ford Fiesta is under a lot of pressure to get it right.

The first big change is that this model is now distinctly moving upmarket and leaving the “value” side of things to its little sibling, the KA+. It is certainly an evolutionary design as opposed to revolutionary, but those familiar proportions are now much more detailed. A more sculpted front bumper houses a very defined trapezoid grill. There is still a body length crease that runs over its 3 or 5 door length. The rear is much more prominent than2017-ford-fiesta-interior before and features more character lines. This 2017 Ford Fiesta has grown in size allowing for an increase in interior space. Said interior plays host to a new floating high definition touchscreen display running SYNC 3.

Four flavours of Fiesta have been revealed so far with two of them never seen on the B-segment car before.

2017-ford-fiesta-familyTitanium  highlighted that Ford are pushing for a premium product. It features a full length glass panoramic roof, certainly unusual for this size of car. Lower specifications of Zetec and Style will be available.

Vignale is a new addition to the Fiesta range and gets its own unique interior featuring plusher materials. The exterior also gets 2017-ford-fiesta-vignaleits own looks with reworked facias and alloy wheels.

ST-Line is the sportiest incarnation yet, that is until the full-fat ST arrives next year. A more aggressive body kit and 10 spoke alloy wheels provide a more sporting visage. Inside it also gets sports seats and a flat bottomed steering wheel. Sports suspension is also worked into this package.

Active is another all-new contributor to Fiesta and it aims to capitalise on those looking for a more rugged looking car. Plastic cladding, roof rails, and a slightly raised ride hight give it more presence.

Engines include 99 BHP, 123 BHP, and 138 BHP 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol units. A 118 BHP or 84 BHP 1.5 litre diesel makes its debut in the 2017 Ford Fiesta. Something else new is a 3 cylinder 1.1 litre petrol of which replaces the ageing 1.25. Ford clearly has a lot of bases covered.

There is still a strong focus on keen handling with this car as it produces 10% more grip whilst cornering. A more advance electronic torque vectoring system will further allow the 2017 Ford Fiesta to home-in on apexes. New double-bonded suspension will sharpen the steering.

So there you have it. The all-new Ford Fiesta.