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2017 Honda Civic Si: Everything You Need To Know


Whilst Europe has had the pleasure of Type R for a substantial period of time, America was substituted with Si models. Since their introduction they have become a fan favourite and just because the Type R is finally going stateside, Honda are not forgetting about the Si. Being positioned as a more affordable performance alternative to the brand new flagship hot hatchback, this is the new Honda Civic Si.

Based upon the new 10th generation Civic, the Si will come in both sedan and coupe flavour. A close to production prototype of the coupe has been revealed at the LA Auto Show. Sporting a raked profile, and signature sloping roofline, the Honda Civic Si Coupe presents a dynamic set of visuals. It retains the blunt nose of the new Civic whilst introducing sporty front and rear bumpers. A prominent central exhaust pipe and fixed rear wing define the rear end. 19 inch alloy wheels wearing T1 Sport rubber complete the look.

The interior receives some special attention too with the front seats begin upholstered in black with red stitching. Its dashboard is also clad in metallic finishes. Aluminium pedals also come as standard.

Powering the new Honda Civic Si is a 1.5 litre four cylinder 2017 honda civic si coupe rearturbocharged engine with dual variable cam timing. Output has yet to be announced but the Japanese firm did reveal that it will be the fastest car to wear the Si badge thus far. Our best educated guess would be in the region of 220-240 BHP. Power is sent to the front wheels via a 6 speed, short throw, manual transmission and a limited slip differential.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but expect to see the production car next year to go on sale soon after. Sadly the Si will not make it to the UK.