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2017 NSX: Everything You Need To Know


I could begin this by lovingly looking back at the original NSX and reminiscing of its naturally aspirated V6 heart, but that would be a tad paradoxical. NSX has always stood for New Sports car experimental, it is a name that is very much about the here and now, not past glories.

This is the 2017 Honda, or Acura dependant upon which side of the pond you live, NSX and it has a brand new bag of toys!

Looking like a freshly folded piece of origami, the sharp clean design is certainly modern. It’s raked profile looks fast even when standing still, but it is far from form over function. The new 2017 NSX manipulates the air around it, not only to create downforce, but also to reduce drag. Various intakes and vents allow air to pass straight through this supercar instead of traditionally trying to strong-arm the laws of physics around its shape.

Under the skin is a highly advanced hybrid platform. This is the reason it took so long for the 2017 NSX to hit the road as core elements of its powertrain were change several times in a quest to develop something truly next generation. Mounted in the centre is a 3.5 litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine which sends power to the rear wheels, nothing revolutionary there. Also aiding the rear is an electric motor that can fill any turbo lag with instant torque. Now things are getting interesting… A pair of electric motors can be found powering the front wheels enabling all wheel drive and total control of where power is sent. Cog swapping is taken care of by a 9 speed dual clutch gearbox. The net result is 573 BHP and a tarmac tearing 645Nm of torque. 0-60 MPH comes and goes in 3 seconds and it wont stop until it reaches its top speed of 191 MPH.

All of the controls are done “by wire” as opposed to having any physical link, but an advanced onboard system modulates feedback to the driver enabling a man and machine connection. It is so intelligent that it can maintain those feedback levels even if the brakes begin to fade by tailoring itself to the conditions. Said brakes can be optioned as carbon ceramic.

The 2017 NSX starts from £130,000 which treads on the toes of some serious competition.

Seating two, this new NSX aims to provide occupants with something truly forward thinking. It isn’t  so much a supercar for today, but tomorrow.

2017 NSX Curva Red track