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2020 Ford GT Gets More Power And Liquid Carbon Edition


The new Ford GT has enjoyed global recognition for being such a forward thinking homologation, gained huge praise from the world’s media for being a worthy successor to its forefather, and this supercar even scooped a victory at Le Mans just like the original GT40! With Ford officially retiring the GT from factory-backed motorsport, we all thought that this impressive car would gracefully fade into the pages of automotive history. We were wrong!

Out of the blue – or black in this case – comes the new Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition. This tweaked model comes with a series of visual and performance alterations that will also be made available throughout the GT range. Visually the car is presented in naked carbon, not only saving wait, but revealing the skeletal nature of this aerodynamic masterpiece. The now visible lightweight weave spreads from nose to tail and is complimented by a set of carbon wheels.

Even more exciting for the GT is the addition of more power, and a broader band of torque. 660hp will now be at the disposal of lucky owners – up 13hp from earlier cars. This boost in performance comes thanks to new ignition coils, gallery-cooled pistons, and engine calibration changes gleamed from the GT MKII track toy. For added good measure Ford will fit the optional Akropovic exhaust at no cost from now on.

Ford GT Liquid Carbon

The optional Gulf Racing Heritage livery has also been updated for 2020 with more distinctive details and a change in race number.

They say that nothing in life is free, and that rings true in this case with these updated cars commanding around $500,000 or some $50,000 more than before. Pricing for the Liquid Carbon model has yet to be announced, but sources suggest that it could be close to $750,000.

Ford will continue producing this generation GT until 2022 with all examples already spoken for.