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20th Anniversary of the McLaren F1


20 years to the day the team that would build the most recognised supercar of all time gather to embark on a journey that would change the company’s history. Using the latest technology derived from first-hand experience in Formula One McLaren crafted undoubtedly the most innovative car to ever come out of British engineering. It was to become a legend, the F1.

Launched two years later, the owner ship of an F1 came with an immeasurable amount of prestige as not only were these fantastic machines limited to about 100 examples, only 64 of them were road legal. The engine bay was lined with gold for god’s sake! Production ended in 1998 with every car making the dream of a record shattering machine a reality. 20 years after the designing of the F1 began, the car is still the world’s fastest normally aspirated road legal machine and without it McLaren would not be the only manufacturer in the world to have won an F1 world championship, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24hr.

So happy 20th to the world’s most iconic car!