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282MPG Renault Eolab Concept is the Future


Renault Eolab ConceptWith ever diminishing fossil fuels and governments wanting to crack down on emissions, car manufacturers have no choice but to research and develop the most environmentally friendly cars they are capable of. We are already starting to see models capable of almost 100MPG, but over the next decade that number will only grow. The Renault Eolab Concept is to spearhead this movement for the French company with a production variant arriving within the next 10 years.

The French government want to see cars capable of 141MPG by 2020, a reasonable expectation, but the Renault Eolab Concept blows that figure out of the water. Claimed to be capable of 282MPG and emitting just 22g/km of CO2, this car shows a clear vision. It weighs just 955KG thanks to thinner glass and other minimalistic techniques including a tablet oriented interior. Power comes from a 1.0 litre engine with 74BHP and 70lb ft of torque paired with a 67BHP electric motor producing a further 148b ft. It will make its debut at the 2015 Paris motor show. Renault say that the Eolab possesses 100 new technologies that will filter down into production cars.

Pay attention ladies and gents, this could well be the future of everyday transportation.