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3 Places To Learn How To Service Your Own Van


van wheelThere is no doubt that vans have become an essential part to our daily lives. Owning your own van is commonplace, but as a van owner very few of us are aware of the functionality and inner workings of our vehicles. A van requires regular servicing to keep it from breaking down, and to increase its useful life. This is essential for a number of reasons, both legally, and to maintain the value of your van, to have your servicing all in check. If you own a van or service vehicle, it is likely that you’ll need it as part of your business, making roadworthiness all the more essential.

A van owner’s manual instructs that a van should be serviced every 6,000-10,000 km.ford-transit-custom-double-cab-in-van-lwb-tdci-rear Further, the average cost of a basic van service in a garage is £125. However, you can save a good chunk of that by doing the service yourself. Here are three websites that give a detailed explanation about how you can efficiently service your van yourself:

Axle Addict

AxleAddict is a website that takes you around all the technical aspects of a van. AxleAddict has a post that extensively teaches you how to service your van in the comfort of your own home. They break it down minutely and even specify all the tools that you need to service your van.

The post has pictures for each step which shows the different plugs or other vehicle parts described, and also the specific tool to be used for it. It is a comprehensive guide that gives you all the details required to help you complete each step with ease. It is a worthwhile visit if you want to save money on van servicing in the future.

Torque Vans

TorqueVans proclaim themselves to be the best van tuning and styling guide. TorqueVans keep you posted on the latest developments in the van tuning industry and have guides for everything- from engine tuning to transmission handling.

They have a rich DIY how to guide for servicing your van. The guide gives you a list of all the tools required, and also top quality components you should use to get the best all by yourself. The only prerequisite to being able to pull this off is the ability to tighten or loosen a nut or screw.

They also give details about the don’ts of DIY van servicing- with clear warnings and the repercussions of ignoring those warnings. It is a great and full guide for the self-servicing van owner.

Auto Butler

AutoButler is a quality website that helps you find the best mechanics at the most affordable prices. AutoButler also have posts about everything that is garage related and includes self-servicing your automobile.

They give you a quick guide to DIY servicing, its advantages, tools required and such. It’s a good read for every individual with a van and the ability to use tools.

After servicing your vehicle yourself, make sure it passes the MOT test for roadworthiness. A job started is a job worth doing properly.