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3000BHP Vauxhall and Still Road Legal


The Vauxhall VXR Power Fest is a noble event arranged to raise money for the Help for Hero’s charity of which we are big supporters of. The event takes place from 28th-29th August and involves many stunts, races as well as other motoring related entertainment. A big attraction this year will be the Vauxhall Red Victor 3, a 3000BHP road legal drag racer.

The Red Victor drag team have partnered with Vauxhalls VXR sports department to create this hugely powerful machine. The car is still under development but estimates are that it will do 240MPH and finish the ¼ mile in just 6.5 seconds. The engine is an 8.8 litre General Motors V8; one that the team hope will propel them to victory very soon.

The car will be launched at the Power Fest and we urge you all to go, not just because it’s a good show but also to help those who have become injured fighting for the freedom we take for granted.