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A Game of Chance in Monaco


Mote Carlo, the backyard to the rich and famous… Home to big yachts, glamorous casinos and the world’s most famous F1 circuit. 1929 saw its introduction and today it’s regarded by the majority of drivers to be the race they want to win most. The prestige of lifting the trophy in Monaco is only rivalled by the list of drivers who battled on the circuit for victory over the years. To this day Ayrton Senna has clocked up the most victories in what is often referred to as the crown jewel of Formula One. McLaren over the years have managed a staggering 15 wins here, making them the most successful team ever to turn a wheel on this road race. But can they do it again this weekend?

2010 in particular presents a problem for the majority of teams in the form of backmarkers. The Monaco track as it progresses gets faster and faster whilst simultaneously getting narrower. Add in the fact that all the new teams are about four seconds off the pace and you can imagine the problems, I would describe it as lighting fireworks in a sardine tin. The faster cars will soon catch the backmarkers, as they do every race, but the big problem is that Monaco only realistically has two overtaking opportunities. So whilst the car that makes a fantastic getaway can claim first and be in front, traffic will result in the lead they have gained to be diminished. The front runners could well be seeing teams like Virgin Racing as often as every 20 laps.

It’s ridiculous! F1 is the world most prestigious motor race meaning that the best of the best compete for ultimate victory, yet here we are with cars that have set slower times than GP2 on the same track. My predictions for the race range from a huge accident caused by slow cars, or a parade finishing in grid order once again thanks to teams that simply aren’t quick enough.

Sunday will see the result of letting armatures compete in F1 and you can hear our reactions first hand thanks to our LIVE commentary right here starting at 1:00PM (GMT) on Sunday.