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A Year in Reviews


Over the past year we have had some real fun with the best the automotive world could throw at us. Providing our opinions on everything from Ferrari to Fiat or Aston Martin to Alfa Romeo these machines were all put on the dock to await our judgement and for that we have to thank the numerous manufacturers and also the occasional private owner for the opportunities. An interesting fact for you all comes in the form of Inside Lane reviewing over £4.1 million worth of cars in 2010 alone!

Out of last year’s reviews some cars that particularly stood out from the crowd were the likes of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage with its seductive looks and magnificent engine, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the intoxicating noise it produces, the Ferrari 458 Italia and bringing us back down to earth the Honda CR-Z showing that despite being a Hybrid it can be enjoyable. After a few people suggesting that we perhaps reviewed too many supercars last year, 2011 will see more “real world” road tests such as the up and coming Honda Civic and Ford Focus. But what should we kick-off with? How about a 599 GTO? Yeah, we’re up to our usual tricks again!