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Abarth Punto, the Evolution


The Punto was the car that brought the legendary brand back from the grave in 2008 and is also responsible for its success today. The Abarth Punto was a masterpiece offering cheap and affordable thrills in an aggressive yet practical package. The sting in the scorpion’s tail was back! From there Abarth set to work on the Fiat 500 and produced yet another adrenalin enducing hatch, but now it’s the Punto’s time again as the Italian’s announce the Abarth Punto Evo.

The standard Punto Evo does look like someone has taken a guinea pig and mashed it into a steaming pile of cow excrement; however with some Abarth magic this new car looks like it’s a member of the ASBO society. The 1.4 litre turbo can now get this larger lout to 62MPH from standing in 7.9 seconds, not bad for a car that will still average 47.1MPG. 165BHP is caged behind the mesh of the grill, not much in terms of a lump sum but have some faith in the badge, remember the original Abarth Punto.