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Alfa Introduce DCG


Dual clutch transmissions started out in the rough and tumble of motorsport giving drivers the opportunity to change gear literally quicker than a blink of the eye. Slowly that technology has trickled down into high performance cars, such as the Ferrari 458, to give that split second shifting experience to the adrenalin junky. If you check the options list on a new car today you will find that DCG is now also available for people like your Nan. Alfa Romeo will be offering their DCG gearbox in the Mito and Giulietta by spring 2011.

Fiat’s in-house DCG system is known as TCT, for reasons we don’t know, will take pride of place on the options list on the top specification Alfa Romeos. The new box works much the same as any other but with the exception of having two clutches. So whilst you’re in 2nd both 1st and 3rd are preselected for a rapid change of cogs. Expect to see more manufactures offering DCG as the year goes on.