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Alfa Romeo 4C Gets £45,000 Price Tag


If car manufacturers were parts of a human being each would have a distinct role. VW would be the brain. BMW, the legs. Toyota, the arms. But what would be the heart? Obviously the only choice is Alfa Romeo, the only manufacture that throughout its history has maintained that pure connection with the driver. Soon they are to receive a new flagship.

Alfa have been without a true sports car, a model that is their signature, for many years now. The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept we saw back at the Geneva motor show reignites the Italians true talent. The beautiful 4C is to enter production in 2013 complete with a turbo, 230BHP and a seven speed gearbox all for the reasonable sum of £45,000.

In conclusion; the 4C is gorgeous, boasts 0-62MPH in just 4.5 seconds and costs not vast amounts. Can Alfa Romeo do any wrong with this car?