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Alfa Romeo 4C is the Size Zero Model We Have All Been Waiting For


2013 Alfa Romeo 4C frontThere is just something about Alfa Romeo’s that is different to any other car. A spark between man and machine that other cars just do not kindle quite as well. It is this “spark” that has made Alfa the Mecca for true automotive enthusiasts. Though their range today consists of hatchbacks that are great to drive, it is far cry from their glory days. Alfa Romeo are Grand Prix legends, they produced achingly beautiful road cars such as the 1060’s spider and legends like the GTV6. The up and coming Alfa Romeo 4C isn’t the car the company should be building, it is the car they NEED to be building.

Weighing just 895KG when empty, this size zero model consists of a carbon fibre monocoque that itself only come to 65KG. Thinner glass and an extensive use of aluminium means that the Alfa Romeo 4C can boast an impressive 268BHP per tonne. For those who can’t do the maths that means that from the cars 1.75 litre mid-mounted engine it produces 237BHP. 0-62MPH is quashed in 4.5 seconds. Cog swapping is handled by the 4C’s dual clutch gearbox.

This is exactly what an Alfa Romeo is. Penned by an angel, to be driven like a devil. August can’t come soon enough!

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