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Alfa Romeo Giulietta; Sleek, Sexy and Very Safe


Alfa Romeo’s are the ultimate embodiment of motoring passion and this is why true car fans appreciate them so much. Each is beautiful in its own way with swooping lines penned with Italian perfection. Attention to detail and involvement in the drive are another two key traits of any one of these cars; they just come to life once let loose on the road. However the one thing that often stops men from obtaining the prestigiously badged car is their wives. You see they don’t understand what an Alfa is, for them Italian passion is how much effort they put into the lasagne. But now Alfa Romeo has given you a counter argument, the Giulietta is the safest hatchback money can buy.

Armed with this fact you can now go and banish your wife from ever stopping you buying what Alfa you want ever again. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has scored the highest NCAP rating ever to be achieved in its class. An overall score of 87/100 means that this car will still maintain a 5 star rating even in 2012 when it becomes harder to obtain the sought-after accolade.

So what are you waiting for?